Knoxville’s Easy to Grow and Favorite Roses


Betty Boop F Red Blend 8.1 Moderate

Beverly HT Med Pink 7.8 Very Fragrant

Carefree Beauty S Med Pink 8.7 Moderate

Crescendo HT Pink Blend 7.8 Strong, Spicy

Dark Desire HT Mauve 7.8 Very Fragrant

Dick Clark GR Red Blend 7.8 Moderate

Double Delight HT Red Blend 8.3 Very Fragrant

Easy Does It F Orange,Pink 7.9 Fragrant

Grande Amore HT Med Red 7.7 Moderate

Julia Child F Med Yellow 8.3 Lightly Fragrant

Pope Paul II HT White 7.5 Citrus Fragrance

Ring of Fire HT Orange Blend. 8.3 Mild Tea

The Fairy Pol Light Pink 8.7 Light Fragrance

The McCartney Rose HT Med Pink. Not rated yet Very Fragrant

Veterans’ Honor HT Dark Red 8.4 Light, Fruity


F – Floribunda = roses that produce a lot of flowers in clusters, blooms continuously

GR – Grandiflora = large flowers in clusters on tall stems developed by crossing hybrid tea and floribunda

HT – Hybrid Tea = flowers are well-formed with large high-centered buds, long, upright stems, blooms cyclically depending on the number of petals (if rose has 30 petals, it will bloom every 30 days)

Pol – Polyantha = many small flowers in large clusters

S – Shrub = hardy, easy-care, bushy, sprawling roses

ARS rating System

9.3 – 10: One of the Best Roses (not awarded often)

8.8 – 9.2: An Outstanding Rosse

8.3 – 8.7: A Very Good to Excellent Rose

7.8 – 8.2: A Solid to Very Good rose

7.3 – 7.7. A Good Rose

6.1 – 6.7: Below Average Rose (don’t buy)